Bali-Bangkok diaries. Part-5

Full of beans in Bali. A visit to a coffee plantation. Tasting ‘poop coffee’ as Morgan Freeman so irreverently put it to Jack Nicholson in the movie, ‘The Bucket List’ all the while laughing till he cried, was right at the top of my bucket list during this trip to Bali. The most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak coffee or ‘poop coffee’ goes … Continue reading Bali-Bangkok diaries. Part-5

Bali-Bangkok diaries. Part – 4

As the third generation young owner simply said, ‘We live our life with art. We do everything with art. My great-grandfather built this house. Grandfather added the gold leaf to the doors and corniches. Every generation adds their own style’. I think he summed up for me the Balinese way of life they surround themselves with art. Continue reading Bali-Bangkok diaries. Part – 4

Bali-Bangkok diaries. Part-3

Stone carvings and the Barong Keris dance. All along the roads that we travelled from Denpasar to Ubud stone statues lined the road. Behind the displays were the workshops. Statues of every kind ranging from Hindu deities, Buddha statues, demons, giant frogs to rearing stallions lined the roadsides. I’d also noticed throughout our road journeys in Bali, a statue of a demon placed in the … Continue reading Bali-Bangkok diaries. Part-3

I finally went to Bhutan & loved it. Part-3

Chelela Pass & Haa valley Leaving Paro Chu (river) and the green rice fields behind, we climbed up winding roads flanked by dense forests to Bhutan’s highest motorable pass.     Sun-bleached prayer flags fluttered noisily in the bitterly cold wind and the harnesses of the tethered ponies jangled. Grey mists rose from the valleys below and obstructed our views. We saw some snow clad … Continue reading I finally went to Bhutan & loved it. Part-3

I finally went to Bhutan & loved it. Part-2

Paro Though we didn’t fly to Paro, we gasped as we drove past it’s legendary airport. It’s a tiny strip of concrete between the two arms of a V-shaped valley. “It’s very dangerous to land here, only nine pilots in the whole world can make it,” Pasang explained. I’ve heard that passengers in the plane feel as though the wings of the aircraft are skimming … Continue reading I finally went to Bhutan & loved it. Part-2